Buruqin Women Society

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LOCATION: Buruqin Municipality, Salfit Governorate The women of Buruqin west of Salfit have traditionally not played an active role outside the home. The Buruqin Women Society was established to respond to women’s needs and to provide opportunities for social as … Continue reading

Al Sanabel Cultural Center

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LOCATION: Qusin Village, Nablus Governorate 40 women from the village of Qusin outside Nablus came together in 2004 to found the Sanabel Cultural Center. Their goal was to create a space for women to meet socially and to learn from … Continue reading

Ein Yabrud Youth Club

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LOCATION: Ein Yabrud Municipality, Ramallah Governorate Ein Yabrud is a town outside Ramallah. For years, the majority of Ein Yabrud’s younger men and women have moved into Ramallah city or out of the country. Over time, the town had grown … Continue reading

Palestinian Child Home Center

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LOCATION: Al Eizariya Municipality, Jerusalem Governorate The Palestinian Child Home Center formed as a youth club in al Eizariya in 1987. For years, the center held meetings to discuss politics and debate how to compete in local elections, but its … Continue reading

Sebastia Municipality

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LOCATION: Sebastia Municipality, Nablus Governorate Being the first municipality in the northern West Bank to have a woman mayor is but one facet of Sebastia’s rich history. Located in the hills northwest of Nablus, Sebastia boasts archeological ruins dating back … Continue reading