Al Ubeidiya Municipality

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LOCATION: Al Ubeidiya Municipality, Bethlehem Governorate The municipality of Ubeidiya in Bethlehem Governorate is responsible for providing water, electricity and sanitation to 17,000 inhabitants. Ubeidiya is a poor community in which only 27% of homes are connected to the sewer … Continue reading

Ein Yabrud Youth Club

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LOCATION: Ein Yabrud Municipality, Ramallah Governorate Ein Yabrud is a town outside Ramallah. For years, the majority of Ein Yabrud’s younger men and women have moved into Ramallah city or out of the country. Over time, the town had grown … Continue reading

Palestinian Child Cultural Center

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LOCATION: Al Fawar Refugee Camp, Hebron Governorate The Palestinian Child Cultural Center is located in the al Fawar refugee camp of Hebron. Established in 1995 by a highly professional and well respected group of volunteers, the center had nearly 1200 … Continue reading

Al Sanabel Cultural Center

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LOCATION: Qusin Village, Nablus Governorate 40 women from the village of Qusin outside Nablus came together in 2004 to found the Sanabel Cultural Center. Their goal was to create a space for women to meet socially and to learn from … Continue reading

Sebastia Municipality

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LOCATION: Sebastia Municipality, Nablus Governorate Being the first municipality in the northern West Bank to have a woman mayor is but one facet of Sebastia’s rich history. Located in the hills northwest of Nablus, Sebastia boasts archeological ruins dating back … Continue reading

Jinsafut Youth Club

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LOCATION: Jinsafut Village, Qalqiliya Governorate Jinsafut is a 2,000-person village in Qalqiliya Governorate with little more to offer its inhabitants than a working school system. The Jinsafut Youth Club was established to provide urgently needed educational and recreational support to … Continue reading