Al Ubeidiya Municipality

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LOCATION: Al Ubeidiya Municipality, Bethlehem Governorate The municipality of Ubeidiya in Bethlehem Governorate is responsible for providing water, electricity and sanitation to 17,000 inhabitants. Ubeidiya is a poor community in which only 27% of homes are connected to the sewer … Continue reading

Jinsafut Youth Club

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LOCATION: Jinsafut Village, Qalqiliya Governorate Jinsafut is a 2,000-person village in Qalqiliya Governorate with little more to offer its inhabitants than a working school system. The Jinsafut Youth Club was established to provide urgently needed educational and recreational support to … Continue reading

Idhna Society for Higher Education

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LOCATION: Idhna Municipality, Hebron Governorate West of Hebron, the Idhna Society for Higher Education secures scholarships for economically disadvantaged university students. The Idnha Society ranks in importance second only to Idhna’s municipal government, serving 400 people daily. A 2009 CLEP … Continue reading

Salfit Governorate

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LOCATION: Salfit Municipality, Salfit Governorate The Governorate of Salfit was established in 2008 and is the most recently formed governorate in the West Bank. Participating in the Community Leadership Empowerment Program’s strategic planning process provided a platform for the governorate … Continue reading

Ein Yabrud Youth Club

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LOCATION: Ein Yabrud Municipality, Ramallah Governorate Ein Yabrud is a town outside Ramallah. For years, the majority of Ein Yabrud’s younger men and women have moved into Ramallah city or out of the country. Over time, the town had grown … Continue reading

Palestinian Bedouin Development Centre

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LOCATION: Ramadin Village, Hebron Governorate The Ramadin Bedouin Community was one of the only organizations to work with the marginalized Bedouin population in the West Bank. Operating in a remote village south of Hebron the organization showed few signs of … Continue reading