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Ein Yabrud Youth Club

LOCATION: Ein Yabrud Municipality, Ramallah Governorate

Ein Yabrud is a town outside Ramallah. For years, the majority of Ein Yabrud’s younger men and women have moved into Ramallah city or out of the country. Over time, the town had grown quiet and the Ein Yabrud Youth Club with its flagship soccer team had fallen into disrepair. When a new board assumed leadership of Ein Yabroud Youth Club in 2009, its challenge was to reinvigorate the club, vigorously increase membership and engage the Ein Yabrud diaspora. A 2009 Community Leadership Empowerment Program award furnished the club with a computer lab. The computer lab has attracted not only young men but, for the first time ever, women and men of all ages. By involving women in the CLEP strategic planning process, the club’s leadership solidified Ein Yabrud Youth Club’s status as an organization that now serves the entire community – not just a successful soccer team. The upshot of this process has been the establishment by the club’s women’s committee of a dedicated women’s center complete with its own computer lab.