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Palestinian Bedouin Development Centre

LOCATION: Ramadin Village, Hebron Governorate

The Ramadin Bedouin Community was one of the only organizations to work with the marginalized Bedouin population in the West Bank. Operating in a remote village south of Hebron the organization showed few signs of cooperation at the beginning of the Community Leadership Empowerment Program’s strategic planning process. When threatened with termination from the program, the Ramadin Bedouin Community turned itself around. Recognizing an opportunity to serve all the Bedouin communities in the West Bank, the organization rallied support from the Ramadin local council and other Bedouin groups, changed its name to the Bedouin Development Center and opened an office in downtown Hebron. The newly transformed organization’s strategic planning committee represented a multitude of Bedouin groups. By forming a strong network to unify the Bedouin community, the organization is now developing infrastructure and improving agriculture in Bedouin communities, implementing food security programs and development projects that target disadvantaged children and the poor.