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Palestinian Child Cultural Center

LOCATION: Al Fawar Refugee Camp, Hebron Governorate

The Palestinian Child Cultural Center is located in the al Fawar refugee camp of Hebron. Established in 1995 by a highly professional and well respected group of volunteers, the center had nearly 1200 paying members and boasted Hebron’s finest children’s library. Already offering computer classes, workshops, summer camps and psychological support for children with trauma, the center used a 2009 Community Leadership Empowerment Program award to furnish a computer lab. This increased traffic to the center and resulted in a partnership with the UNRWA school system. The Palestinian Child Cultural Center had known for a long time that unemployment in the al Fawar camp was a serious problem. The center used the Community Leadership Empowerment Program strategic planning process and its emphasis on understanding the environment in which the center serves, to find out that the level of unemployment is 42%. The strategic approach the Palestinian Child Cultural Center has taken to address this problem is train more volunteers to provide camp youth with marketable skills. Building on this, the center is using its network of organizations inside and outside the camp to help al Fawar youth find jobs.