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Palestinian Child Home Center

LOCATION: Al Eizariya Municipality, Jerusalem Governorate

The Palestinian Child Home Center formed as a youth club in al Eizariya in 1987. For years, the center held meetings to discuss politics and debate how to compete in local elections, but its leaders now freely admit that the center lacked direction and didn’t serve its constituents – al Eizariya’s youth and their ever-changing needs. Participation dropped off and the center lacked credibility. During the Community Leadership Empowerment Program’s strategic planning process, the center recaptured its mission as a youth club and brought youth onto the strategic planning committee. The reinvigorated center expanded its charter to work with all youth centers in the Jerusalem area. The newly formed network of youth organizations has established a youth Council, inspired by the Palestinian Legislative Council, teaching West Bank youth how to draft and pass legislation, as part of a comprehensive leadership training preparing them to one day engage in the national leadership.