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Ramallah Youth Club

LOCATION: Ramallah Municipality, Ramallah Governorate

Located in the heart of Ramallah City, the Ramallah Youth Club serves both young men and women. The club offers karate and folkloric dabke dance classes, and volunteer activities in the club’s neighborhood and in villages neighboring Ramallah. A 2009 Community Leadership Empowerment Program award that provided a fully functional computer lab sharply increased the number of youth who visit the Ramallah Youth Club daily, consolidating the club’s role within the community as a safe place to hang out. Several youth who had become regulars at the Ramallah Youth Club, and had taken an interest in its maintenance and planning, found the perfect opportunity to contribute during the Community Leadership Empowerment Program strategic planning process. Participating in the articulation of a vision and the complex planning process necessary to achieve it has transformed the youthful members of the strategic planning team from recipients of services into young men and women who see themselves as eager stewards of the Ramallah Youth Club who one day aspire to be its leaders.