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Salfit Governorate

LOCATION: Salfit Municipality, Salfit Governorate

The Governorate of Salfit was established in 2008 and is the most recently formed governorate in the West Bank. Participating in the Community Leadership Empowerment Program’s strategic planning process provided a platform for the governorate to begin defining its relationship to the cities and villages of Salfit and articulate the governance structure required to be responsive to their needs. The Salfit Governorate’s strategic planning committee, led by Salfit City’s deputy mayor, governorate employees, teachers, engineers and representatives of non-governmental organizations. The process prepared the governorate to respond to the government’s funding to conduct a governorate-level needs assessment that will set the stage for highly participatory decision-making. The deputy mayor of Salfit city is proud to say that the stakeholders who participated in the Community Leadership Empowerment Program planning exercise will continue to be involved in governorate-level planning.